City Views with Moe and Gaby

I cannot tell you how precious this session was. The city views on a gorgeous day didn’t disappoint. I got to spend some time with these two and hear their story. Which I want to share with ya’ll here:

“For our first date, I chose the location. It was one of my favorite local ice cream places. We talked a little bit as we ordered, got our ice cream, and sat down at a picnic table under a tree. I remember it being a really nice July evening—warm air and a gentle breeze. Gaby was facing the sun as it set and I remember thinking their face looked as warm as my heart felt. “Can I hold your hand?” I remember saying, cutting them off in the middle of a sentence. We held hands across the table and talked for what felt like hours. It felt like we already knew each other’s hearts and yet, I knew just one ice cream date wouldn’t cut it for me. I was in. By that point I knew what I was feeling would last a long, long time. That first date I got so lost in conversation I didn’t notice Gaby had hardly touched their cup of ice cream. I asked them if they didn’t like the flavor.

“No, it’s not that,” they said, “I’m just lactose intolerant.” I burst out laughing, then stared at them. “Why didn’t you say something? We could’ve gone somewhere else.” Gaby shrugged, “You wanted ice cream.” It became a running joke between us. Why did you let me pick an ice cream place for our first date when you’re lactose intolerant? Why didn’t you bring dairy pills if you knew we were going there? You do know they had dairy-free options there, right? The jokes go on and on. But at the bottom of it all, lies the first of many selfless acts Gaby has done for me. When it’s the right person, they’ll let you pick an ice cream date when they’re lactose intolerant. And then some.”

If this doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know what will. I could tell how much they meant to one another in the subtle moments while we were shooting. The little brush of the hands, the giggles, and soft eyes.

Moe and Gabby, Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this for you.

The Journal