What’s In My Bag: Gear and lenses

It’s been awhile since I have posted my camera gear. These are the lenses and gear I have in my bag during wedding days and most sessions. I understand that people starting out sometimes don’t know what the go to lenses are or what to invest in first. I’m going to tell you all about them and which ones I use for what.

Not listed below are my camera cards + Holdfast strap.

50mm f/ 1.2

This lens is quite the beauty and a favorite for most. I always have it with me at every session. I am a big fan of the crisp beautiful glass on this one. Despite that sometimes it can be too up close for me. So, I always use this one for senior sessions and individual portraits. It always depends on the surroundings and distance I have to move.

35mm f/ 1.4

My current favorite. I often switch between this lens and the 50mm because this one isn’t as close up. This one seems to never leave my body. I would say my favorites go between this and the 50mm.

100mm f/ 2.8

When I got this lens, it was for the purpose of getting very close up shots for wedding details. I am able to get up close and get those shots that most lenses cant get. It’s definitely not a lens that needs invested in right away, but it’s a goodie.

24- 70mm f/ 2.8

I don’t think I will ever let this one go. It’s such an amazing lens that get’s a wide range. This is one I love using this one during wedding receptions and ceremonies. The camera quality on this one is great, but for this one you would want to be careful in low light situations.

Canon Speedlite 580EX

Canon Speedlite 580EX

I have a love hate relationship with flash. I basically ONLY use it when needed, and that is during receptions at weddings. This flash has gotten me the images I need, but is one of the few things I will be upgrading soon.

Canon 70D
Canon 80D

My bodies ( Canon 80D +70D)

I have fallen in love with these two bodies as I went from a 5D to these. These allow me to use live mode, flip out the screen to get shots, and gives me the option to do video if I decide to experiment.

Battery Grips

I have one of these for BOTH of my bodies. I love these things because they allow me to run my camera on the life of TWO batteries. It also has a button on it so that when I rotate my camera for a portrait shot, my hand isn’t curling all the way over. I also always hear from my dad ( who also is a photographer) that he loves the grip because he feels the camera is too small for his hands, so it gives him something more to hold on to.



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