August 19, 2019

Alex and Michael’s session in the water.

For Alex and Michael’s session we went in the water and it turned out better than I even expected. A day before we were to meet up, I messaged Alex asking if they’d be down to get into the water. I was feeling inspired by work I was seeing and I wanted to try it out. I didn’t know what to expect or if they would even turn out the way I wanted. As soon as I started seeing the images in the back of my camera I couldn’t contain myself.

This spot was one I’ve been to many times before, but never thought to take a dip into the water. So I was nervous if it would even be worth it considering the fact that you never know if it’s even safe. ( Where I am from you have to be careful with certain bacteria and such in the bodies of water).

When I was editing I had a feeling of just pure giggly joy seeing how they turned out. I could tell how much Michael cares for Alex. There was a moment when he looked at her and it felt like I wasn’t even there. That they were having their own moment in the water and time stopped for just a moment.

Here’s to the start of water sessions, and here’s to many many more!