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I am a traveling photographer serving couples all around the world, but based in PA.  Photographing and being a guide for couples that want to keep things intimate. This is about you two and I am just simply here to be a witness to your wedding day.

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Here's the thing... I grew up being a little more different than most of the kids around me. That lead me to appreciate who I really am without the pressure of being a certain way. I've noticed that seeping into my business as I preach doing things YOUR way.

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pronounced like, MI-KAY-LUH. Just in case you thought that was a typo for Michael.

i've been rockin' and rollin' since 2015

Hi! My name is Michaela

Believe it or not, elopements are no longer these last minute, cheap, rushed ways to get married. Now, it’s this completely unique experience. It’s the wedding minus all the “stuff”. During an elopement it’s now truly about the two of you. These are so fun because you have the freedom to go anywhere and do anything you want. Typically with a guest count of 25 or less.


Intimate weddings are basically elopements with guests! What I mean by that is, the focus is still on you two but just with a few more people there. It’s a way to still include a few more people while keeping it intimate. While I don't photograph weddings with more than 100 guests, and the pricing doesn't change based on guest count, As long as the wedding is about you two, I'm in!


I am SO excited to share this leap day winter wedding. It was such a beautiful day. We were really hoping for snow and just a few days before it was sunny and 50 out. Thankful for the crazy Erie weather working in our favor! Right on Christmas eve Sara messaged me about her wedding […]

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AREN’T YALL SICK AND TIRED OF PAYING CRAZY AMONTS OF MONEY FOR WEDDINGS? These crazy $30,000+ weddings are stressful, overrated, wasteful, and full of other people’s opinions. I am going to let you in on a secret… your wedding doesn’t have to be as much as a house downpayment. *Gasp* I am going to walk […]

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I ended 2019 and started 2020 in the most beautiful place, Colorado. I got to spend my trip exploring all the different parts of this beautiful state. On our last day we got to navigate the flatlands of Colorado. We found ourselves at beautiful foothills of the Rockies on our last day. I will be […]

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Michaela was/is absolutely brilliant. I’ve never had more fun with a photographer, we didn’t want our session to end. My fiancé who doesn’t necessarily love pictures felt comfortable & actually enjoyed our session. She told us exactly what to do & her direction made us have fun and relax & get the most natural, romantic, cute, flawless, AMAZING pictures. She made both of us look and feel like rockstars. We can’t even pick one for the walls of our house or our save the date cards, they are all perfection. We will be getting multiple photos made for our house. They’re not only engagement session photos they are photos for year round that we will want in our house forever. Michaela’s style of photography is unique & it stands out from most photographers! We found her through friends of ours that got engagement photos done as well. To say we’re obsessed with Michaela, her style, talent & her sweet soul would be an understatement. Don’t wait to book her she’s a hot commodity and everyone wants her! Recommend times 1000000! 

what my friends say...

"I’ve never had more fun with a photographer, we didn’t want our session to end."

Starting with our engagement photos, she really set the bar high. She was so fun to be around and better yet, her pictures of us were amazing!! In the months leading up to our wedding, she was always willing to text or FaceTime me when I had any questions or concerns. She really made me feel calm and prepared about the whole wedding day from start to finish. She helped me plan out the entire day in a timeline which was awesome and super helpful. On the wedding day, she was not only there to take our picture, but she was there for support in anything we needed or forgot. After talking with all of my family and guests at the wedding, it turned out that not only me, but everyone was impressed with her. I kept telling everyone “and she’s only 20yrs old!!!” They could not believe me!! She is truly amazing and the best to work with!! I am so sad our wedding day is over, I could pose for her all day! The pictures she took for us were truly amazing and really captured the day and it’s beauty. If you are on the fence about which photographer to go with, pick Michaela. You won’t be disappointed!!!

what my friends say...

"She really made me feel calm and prepared about the whole wedding day from start to finish."

Our time with Michaela was first class. Not only did she capture the essence of our relationship, she created and gave us an experience that was enjoyable from start to finish. We felt immediate comfort with Michaela’s sweet personality, professionalism, and preparedness. This is my favorite sunrise that I’ve ever shared with my partner, and our memories are lovingly tied to these photographs forever. What an incredible gift! As the clicks of the shutter ticked down the moments of our session, we had to part ways all too soon. Thinking back to our time with Michaela, it feels like we slept in and dreamed out loud. The photographs mirror this sentiment. 5 stars.

what my friends say...

"We felt immediate comfort with Michaela’s sweet personality, professionalism, and preparedness."