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I believe uniqueness is beautiful. I'm here for the couples that aim to truly celebrate their love. It's my goal to make you feel safe, comfortable, and so excited to say I do. With me it's not one big photoshoot. It's your wedding day and I'm there to capture it.

There's no pressure here for you to "fit" some aesthetic.

Small weddings and Elopements based in Erie, PA and so far beyond.

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Hey, it's Mic here.

Now that we're on a nickname basis, I am so happy you're here!

I grew up being a little more different than most of the kids around me. That lead me to appreciate who I really am without the pressure of being a certain way. I've noticed that seeping into my business as I preach doing things YOUR way. 


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From beginning to end I will be by your side as not just your photographer, but as a wedding planner, cheerleader, and friend. 

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