Now that we're on nickname terms there's a few things you should know. I will throw out the occasional vine reference, pun, or dad joke... please laugh even if you don't get it. I am always down for food, want to grab a bite after your session?!

I'M Michaela, but you can call me mic.

hey you,

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— Angelina

"Never be too shy to ask her anything, she will always help you with poses and even your outfits that you have planned out, just so your session is absolutely perfect! She’s so inspirational and will rub that off onto you! "

"Michaela is such a fun and outgoing person and always makes your session your style!! "


— emily

"Thanks for capturing the joy we felt on our wedding day! I will definitely recommend your photography services to everyone! "

"Michaela was an absolute joy to work with! She had many creative ideas and was open to my quirky suggestions ."


— Abby

 "She had awesome poses and definately knew what she was doing. As I look back at the pictures, I'm so happy with how they turned out! She is an amazing photographer and it was such a great experience that I won't forget."

"she made me feel so confident and comfortable in front of the camera. "


— kayla

"From the first picture to the last. I am so In love with how these turned out! Tried something new and absolutely love them all!!"

"In just one hour i could feel myself growing with confidence "


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