August 2, 2019

How to Know if Eloping is For You.

You’re engaged, YAY! Now, you start planning your wedding. Remember that I am saying it’s YOUR wedding / Elopement. Here’s how you know if Eloping is for you.

It is the traditional norm to have a bigger wedding, invite all your friends and family, pay for tons of decorations and vendors, etc. You get it. It gets expensive and overwhelming. If that’s your dream day then you deserve all of that. I am writing this for those who may think the traditional route isn’t for them.

If you don’t want to say “I can’t wait for this to be over”

You’ve heard people that go the traditional route say that they couldn’t wait for their day to be over. Mostly because they are focused on the stress of the day rather than focusing on the person they are about to marry. That defeats the whole point don’t you think?

Eloping is for you if you want to focus on the things that matter. Like the person you’re about to marry. What’s really awesome about eloping is that you can really intimately spend your day together. Just you two saying I do exactly how you want to without all the distractions and stress.

If you want to do it your way.

A lot of photographers say this phrase “do it your way”. You may read that and have no idea what your way may be. Here’s where you could start brainstorming. What kind of people are you? Do you like to go hiking up mountains? If yes, maybe your favorite trail could be where you elope. Or maybe your family takes a trip to myrtle beach every summer and that’s the perfect place to you two.

There are honestly SOOO many options, just do what feels right to you both. No matter what and where that is!

But what about family?

I get it! I am a HUGE family person, I couldn’t imagine not celebrating with them. Here’s the thing, there are so many ways to include them without them really being there the day of. Some people have a reception or backyard party when they get home. You could dress up again and share the images or videos with your family.

Others could fly a small group of people out to your location and then celebrate over dinner with everyone else.

If you want to minimize your waste

Maybe you never thought of this, maybe you did. Did you know that weddings create SO much waste and garbage? Between all the decorations that will just get thrown out, extra food, bridal dresses, confetti, party favors, etc. It all adds up and ends up in the trash most of the time.

If you decided to elope you’d be able to do alternatives of the wasteful traditions. ( If you want to read about how to be more eco friendly during your wedding click here)