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Hanna + Adam

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Hanna + Adam Antelope Island Utah


Okay, let me just go off and say that this session still feels like a dream. Utah you’re a dream. We had a BEAUTIFUL location and a BEAUTIFUL couple in a BEAUTIFUL state with a BEAUTIFUL sunset!!!! I could go on and on forever because this may be my all time favorite session to date. As we were planning the trip to Utah we found a struggle to find couples that were available and/ or willing to shoot. That being said, I am forever thankful for Hannah and Adam being so willing to let two strangers from the east coast take their pictures.

Meghan and I got to the location early to get a lay of the land. It was so convenient because we were able to just drive right through the whole place. We basically pulled off to the side of the road whenever we saw something we liked (which was the whole entire place) . These two were so down for anything. They didn’t even hesitate when I asked them to roll around in the sand… BLESS Y’ALL’S HEARTS (I promise I have a purpose when I request odd things!).