Majestic Woods Clymer, NY Summer Wedding

This wedding is so close to my heart because these two have now become people I consider my friends. Paige and Terrance’s wedding was at the beautiful venue Majestic Woods In Clymer New York. The day was nothing shy of just absolutely beautiful considering we were expecting rain… I call that a win!

How they met

These two met in the most romantic way. The lovely site of Tinder brought these two together!! He was nothing but a gentleman bringing Paige flowers to their first date at the movies!

How he proposed

“He had planned a night out with my friends where we went putt putting. Of course it was the busiest nights and we were waiting in line there all night. He had all of our friends and family waiting back at my moms house (so they were all stressed about the time while I was in my own world 😂 lol) T is Diabetic and purposely put insulin in my brother’s gf’s purse and “forgot” to take it out so we had to go to my dads to get it. I was so exhausted from having our newest puppy I almost argued with him that I didn’t wanna get out of the car to see if my dad was up to say hi. He had a sign on the front porch asking me to marry him with the same arrangement of flowers he had brought me on our first date in either side of the door. It was so thoughtful I couldn’t have imagined a better proposal. Afterwards we went over to my moms with some friends and family to celebrate. Will never forget it.”

The wedding

This was my first time at Majestic Woods, so when I showed up I was in awe of the day that they we’re about to have. While Paige was getting ready I was able to sneak around and get some gorgeous shots of her details and the venue. I got to get a sneak peek of her dress before she got there and my heart absolutely melted when I saw it!

Their first look might have been one of my favorite moments of the day. Terrance was so over the moon to see his bride in her dress. It was so sweet he kept telling her how beautiful she looked. I was just smiling ear to ear during their first look I couldn’t help it!

Paige and Terrance,

I already miss you guys, It’s so crazy how fast your wedding came and went. I am forever thankful that I’ve gotten to know you two and now I am just going to force my friendship on you (: . Here’s to the new chapter of being Mr. and Mrs. !



Majestic Woods Wedding – Paige + Terrance
Majestic Woods Wedding – Paige + Terrance
Majestic Woods Wedding – Paige + Terrance
This Arch and ceremony location is straight out of a fairytale! Majestic Woods I cannot wait to be back!
Majestic Woods Wedding – Paige + Terrance
Majestic Woods Wedding – Paige + Terrance

Uh look at how he dipped her!!

What’s a wedding without celebratory shotgunning?!

Majestic Woods Wedding – Paige + Terrance


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