Kahwa Club Erie, PA Summer Wedding

Abby and Ramroth’s wedding at the Kahwa club in Erie was one to remember! Their ceremony took place at their alma mater where they met, Mercyhurst University. And the reception was at the club following it. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and dodging the rain that came. I am so glad mother nature gave us some breaks in the rain to get these beautiful images that we did!

How They Met

These two met in college at a party. Ram was on the football team at Mercyhurst and Abby was on the Volleyball team. Both being athlete’s their teams would hangout. So it was bound that their path’s would cross because they were around each other a lot. Before they started dating they were friends for a year, and now the rest is history!

How He Proposed

Ram proposed to Abby at his family’s lake. Every year they head to the lake on memorial day weekend. His cover was saying that they were doing “family phtotos”. When she thought they were posing for a photo he got down on one knee.

The wedding day

Every-time I sit down and try to write this about a wedding day I have such a hard time because they’re always so many great moments I want to share. There’s one moment in the day that continues to replay in my head, and it’s father of the bride’s speech. The reason it’s such a memorable moment is because his single speech was equally about both the bride and groom. He talks about raising Abby. The day his wife was in labor with her. When she got hurt and he was the one who had to pop her arm back in place. Seeing her be Sebastian in the school play and how proud he was. Watching her turn into an amazing athlete accomplishing so many great things.

Then learning she has met this guy, Ramroth. The guy that ended up being the one.

Her dad goes to talk about how he goes to learn about about this guy his daughter was seeing. When they first met he notices how much passion he has for the things he cares about. It was said that he was such an easy person to talk to. Many times during the day I heard people say that “Ram has never met a stranger”. Always sparking up a conversation. He jokes that it all seemed to perfect until Ram mentioned he was an Ohio fan and that was his only downfall! (To note Her dad loves Penn Sate)

At the end of the speech he had a gift for him, which ended up being a Penn State hat that Ram gladly wore!

This wedding day was such a beautiful day focused on celebrating these two. Their Reception venue, the Kahwa Club, is one I’d love to go back to!

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