Port Farms Waterford, PA Summer Wedding

This gorgeous summer wedding was at the one and only Port Farms in Waterford PA. I have been going to this venue my whole life for fun fall festivities, but now the farm does weddings in the summer and I LOVE it. It was such a perfect summer day for Jahnessa and Brian and there’s a surprise in these pics you’ll want to see!

How they met

Being a witness at this wedding was such an honor. These two have been in love since they were just teenagers, over 7 years go. They met online and since then they never stopped talking. Because she was in Arizona and he was in Pennsylvania they were doing long distance for the first year of their relationship. Then she flew to Pennsylvania and they have been together ever since. Jahnessa calls it fate, and I would agree.

How he proposed

Brian had a private dinner set up in a hotel and proposed to Jahnessa after dinner! (HOW CUTE) She cried and in her words ” like a baby”. It was so perfect because she hates attention and the intimate proposal was perfect!

The wedding day

At Port Farms they have two area’s for getting ready a shed for the guys and a bridal suite for the girls. When I got there all the girls were hanging out getting ready in the suite. It was such a positive and loving vibe with all the gals. I could just tell that everyone was so excited to see them get married.

Talking to Jahnessa throughout the day made me realize that she is quite literally THE most laid back bride I have ever had. It felt like I could have ruined her dress, rearranged her timeline, tipped over the cake table, and she would’ve just said okay. We joked about it, but really she was just the sweetest bride ever and I am so thankful.

One of my favorite moments of the day was not only her TWO DRESSES! But also this one simple line that Brian had said being “my girl”. When I had walked in to say hi earlier he had referred to Jahnessa as “my girl” and I about melted. I was the cutest thing ever.

Jahnessa + Brian,

All in all I am lacking in words to describe how thankful I am that our paths have crossed and that I got to be a part of your wedding day. I cannot wait to see what life for you two as a married couple is going to be like!



You wont want to miss the last photos of the night!!! Dress number two!

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