I am SO excited to share this leap day winter wedding. It was such a beautiful day. We were really hoping for snow and just a few days before it was sunny and 50 out. Thankful for the crazy Erie weather working in our favor!

Right on Christmas eve Sara messaged me about her wedding and told me their story. She mentioned how they were convinced they’d end up just getting married at the courthouse. But after realizing that they wanted their family there too they started planning. It seemed so fitting for them to get married on leap day. So they made it happen. So glad the Schoolhouse was able to be where they got to say I do.

When I walked in I was already so excited to be there. But then I was watching it all come together and it just made it that much better. Seeing their photographs with one another placed all over. ( even the first photo they ever took together was at the sign in table. HOW CUTE!). Watching Sara putting together the last few details before she put her dress on. Her family walking in with all smiles. I absolutely cannot forget Stanley. Their dog who is the cutest freaking thing. Seriously just look at the pics of him!

If anyone ever asks me “why” I do intimate weddings I will tell them it’s because of weddings like these. During the few hours I had with them I got to know their friends and family. It felt like I wasn’t a stranger.

Seriously though, this leap day wedding won my heart and I think it’ll win yours too.

Sara + George,

Thank you a million times over for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day, and for feeling like people I’ve known forever. I hope for nothing but happiness for the two of you!



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