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I did it. I crossed something off my bucket list and man it feels so good. Day 1 Woke up 2 AM EST. Boarded my first flight at 6 AM EST. Boarded my second flight 7:45 AM and United with Meghan! Landed in Utah 11 AM. Got our first meal of the day 12 PM. […]


Oh boy the one thing I think every photographer can relate to is the identity crisis with finding the right style. Your style is such a personal aspect of your photographs and business.  For starters, style look is often linked to what kind of “look”/ “feel” your images have. This could mean bright and airy, […]


As my 2019 seniors are graduating I want to thank each and every one of them for investing in me and allowing me to take their images. I am SO glad that I got to chat with each and all 20 you. Talking about your goals, future plans, and enjoy some time together even if […]


It’s been awhile since I have posted my camera gear. These are the lenses and gear I have in my bag during wedding days and most sessions. I understand that people starting out sometimes don’t know what the go to lenses are or what to invest in first. I’m going to tell you all about […]


There are a lot of things that get taken into factor when you are searching for a photographer. The price, image style, what packages they offer, prints. These are my do’s and don’ts when it comes to hiring your wedding photographer. DON’T : let the price tag on their site turn you off It depends […]

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