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Christmas is around the corner and I wanted to do my first ever gift guide to help you add to your list!A lot of these things are things that I use everyday and would be so helpful for someone starting out or looking for their next investment. 1.Holdfast strap: This item is one of my […]

December 7, 2018


Gram, This one is a hard one to write. I really wish there was a better reason I was writing to you, but I don’t know how else to cope. When I have a emotion that is too much for me to comprehend I just write it out. I guess that’s what I am doing […]

November 11, 2018


Lately I’ve been really LOVING these online boutiques that I now recommend to my couples and seniors to shop at. I am sharing my top 5 favorites because it’s unfair to keep this to myself! Keep reading to see what they are: 1.Citrus and Lemon (¬† ) This shop has the cutest dresses! I have […]

October 2, 2018


Here we go. I am ready to give it to you straight up. To tell you the truth, when I started my business, I was ( totally still am) HOT mess. I was always misspelling business wrong, messing up the order of the S and I…. lol awkward right. Not to mention that I had […]

August 22, 2018


Earlier this year you could say I impulsively bought tickets for this event. Like totally bought the tickets THEN asked my parents if they would come with me to drive 6 hours to Virginia. Thank the lord they were all for it. I bought the tickets and never really realized how quickly it would approach. […]

July 25, 2018

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