So the story goes like this.I had this grand idea at 15 that, "Hey I think I will start a business" so that's exactly what I did. Before I had a real relationship myself, I was preaching about love to my clients, begging them to trust me. And as a sophomore in high school I was helping seniors prepare for their senior year. Genius right? 

I was basically
 a fetus....



I did my headshots in jeans and a hoodie because that's what I wear 90% of the time. I mean, my collection of hoodies is actually concerning. But the reason being is because I am all in for the sessions that you're wearing something you feel like you in.

Let's be real
 for a minute



If it was up to me I would be in a car with my body pillow heading to anywhere ( with Demi Lovato on the radio of course). In reality though I am all about adventure at heart, but I am also an introvert at times. Sometimes watching  9 hours of stranger things just is the better option?!  

who i am beside "that girl that takes pictures"


hotel shampoo

breakfast food

Demi Lovato

wizards of oz

yoga pants

kettle corn popcorn

tag me in your funny videos!

most used emoji



parks of rec.

the office



yay's & nay's

there's more to me than photography

My family is my everything and my dad is my 2nd shooter.

betcha didn't know

I am deaf. Yes 100% deaf, I really am I was born this way. I wouldn't ask for it any other way.

William. My special someone since 2017, I am so thankful to have someone to laugh, travel, and binge watch cake boss with. 

This is the exact image that made me shift my business. I felt something when I saw this image. I was actually proud of this photo so I started photographing candid images.

betcha didn't know

I am in a sorority. I definitely had my doubts 

Food. Always a yes, will always be down for a good bbq. 

Take me with you

""The world is too big to just stay in one place"

home sweet home

where i want to go

where i've been

Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Yellowstone, Joshua tree, Acadia National park, Red rock falls national park,  Helena national forest, hilo,