October 3, 2019

Foggy Fall Rainy Day – Aurora and Isabella

For Aurora and Isabella’s session we were hoping for some beautiful fall sun. Instead, we got fog and a rainy day. Yet, I am not even a little bit upset about it. This weather combined with these two gave the images ALL the feels.

The field we were in had this hazy mysterious fog along the horizon once the rain settled down. It was so beautiful giving us the perfect moody look. Aurora and Isabella were so much fun to be around. I could just tell that they were so into each other. It was no problem getting them laughing together as we tried to see who could keep a serious face.

I couldn’t help but notice how easily Aurora made Isabella laugh. The subtle glances they gave one another. It made the images so easy to show the true connection they have.

Thank you two for bracing the weather and being so much fun to hangout with.


Dancing in the field with the fog on the horizon.