March 13, 2019

UTAH Trip 2019 Recap

I did it. I crossed something off my bucket list and man it feels so good.

Day 1

Woke up 2 AM EST. Boarded my first flight at 6 AM EST. Boarded my second flight 7:45 AM and United with Meghan! Landed in Utah 11 AM. Got our first meal of the day 12 PM. Went to Saltair 3:30 PM. Bed 8:30. Over 19 straight ours of being up and it was amazing. Eyeballs were drying up a bit but… worth it. ( ALL Photos of me PC goes to Meghan Baskin).

Day 2

Waking up in Utah at 5 AM isn’t my favorite thank you jet lag! Started the day with a delicious breakfast and got ready to spend the day in Antelope Islands! So thankful for Hannah and Adam for being our models today. I mean just wait til the blog comes up, I CAN’T get over how lucky we got with sunshine, temperature, and weather Don’t worry there’s a little sneak peek for ya in there.

ALSO hope you enjoy these images of half my face throughout the whole trip! xoxo

SNEAKS!!! You may or may not be able to see more of these in my galleries on my site! :

Day 3

This day was for us. We drove almost three hours round trip to get to the Bonneville Salt flats in Utah. I almost threw up when it said the speed limit was 80 mph…. My lil inner lighting McQueen came out on that drive. We got there and had a view like this, I swear time stopped a little. The view was just surreal and breathtaking.

There we met a nice lady who also was photographing the salt flats and told us that they’re actually shrinking. I wanted to cry. So if you take anything away from this post is PLEASE PROTECT OUR PLANET, NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS WORTH LOOSING OUR BEAUTIFUL LAND OVER.

Day 4

Last full day…. I’m hashtag SOFREAKINGBLESSED. Let me tell ya something, we had a couple set in stone for day 4 and they last minute could no longer model for us. SOOO our morning was spent PANICKING because at that point we were unsure if we had a couple for our location. BUT then the lord had greater plans for us and along came Maddy and Tom. These two were such a blessing willing and able to meet us last minute. I wouldn’t have had it any other way because…. I mean….. look at them!

We shot Maddy and Tom’s session at Tibble Fork Revisor, Utah (which is jaw dropping and you literally drive between the mountains). It was a shock when we came across a winter wonderland here, whereas there wasn’t that much snow anywhere else surrounding the area. AIN’T EVEN MAD THO, it was such a great time there.

Little sneaky’s before their blog post next week!!

The Goodbye

One last time. I am so thankful to be living a life like this, and capturing it all. I am still speechless, so I hope my images share what this trip was like.


Thank you for being someone who was willing to impulsively book this trip and make it so much fun.