January 9, 2019

Do’s and Don’ts : Hiring a photographer for your wedding

There are a lot of things that get taken into factor when you are searching for a photographer. The price, image style, what packages they offer, prints. These are my do’s and don’ts when it comes to hiring your wedding photographer.

DON’T : let the price tag on their site turn you off

It depends on the photographer but, some might list their prices on their site, and some may not. If you see a price on someone’s website that makes you flinch a little, PLEASE don’t end there if your heart is set on them!!! Reach out to the photographer and talk to them. Sometimes the number on the site is just a general number that could vary based on wedding, things you want included in a package, etc. I strongly encourage you to reach out to the person always!

DO: Ask a lot of questions

I always ask anyone who ever inquires about a wedding, to over and over again to drill me with questions. I do this because I don’t want any hesitation when you are ready to book. Brides and grooms, you both are making large investments for your day and when doing so I want you to know everything about what you’re spending your money on.

DON’T: Hire someone without a contract

Contracts aren’t meant to be a scary or rude thing. It’s something that ensures that both sides of the agreement know what the expectations are for the service/ product. SO, if nothing is being asked to sign it should bring up a red flag!

DO: Creep on the photographer

I am actually encouraging you to basically do a little creeping. Take a look at the social media accounts of the photographer you’re thinking about hiring. Scrolling through their images and reading captions gives you an idea of their work and personality.

DON’T: Choose just anyone

I tell my brides that even though you are talking to me, doesn’t mean I expect anything from you. This is literally a once in a life time day for you. So I get it if you connect with someone else better chose someone for your wedding day that makes you confident to invest in them. And excited to work with them!

DO: Explore your options

If you see a photographer you love and you’re heart is set on them book! But if you’re eh about a photographer KEEP looking. This kind of investment isn’t one you should be eh about. When you do a search, it allows you to be aware of price ranges, style, personalities, etc. I want you to be excited when you are chatting with your photographer! Excited NOT worried.

DON’T : Put filters on the pictures you receive

I BEG OF YOU PLEASEEE DON’T even think about doing this. For me specifically doing this would violate my contract. As simple as ANY alteration on the original image would be against my personal contract. But why would you? Think about it you hired someone to create images a certain way. By hiring them you knew this and had to have liked their style.

Now, there are times that a photographer has changed their editing style. If that is the case for you after you booked them, simply reach out to them. Ask them to edit in their old style since that was what their images looked like upon booking. That way it;s not insulting to the photographer and so that you don’t violate any agreements.

DO: Hire a videographer

Images are important so don’t get me wrong on that. BUT I love seeing the movements throughout a wedding day that videographers can capture. The video of your wedding day is something that catches all the noise. You get to hear the music in it, the vows, the laughter, etc.