December 23, 2018


When I started photographing couples I started to realize that I liked the real smiles and moving images. I was mesmerized by this one photo I took a year ago. It is now the first image you see when you come onto my website. That image is the one that made me want to take more just like it. There are so many different prompts for getting people to smile, but they may not work with all couples. I am here to help ya out.

Love Language

First thing is first. LEARN THEIR LOVE LANGUAGE! Love languages are the ways that people express love and want to be loved. The five are:

1. Words of Affirmation
2. Physical Touch
3. Receiving gifts 
4. Quality Time
5. Acts of Service

To find these out you can just add it into a client get to know you questionnaire!


When I meet up with couples I try to get a feel for their personalities together! It all depends,Some couples are more goofy than others, some are more comfortable in front of the camera than others, etc. These are all kinds of prompts that get all of the feels!

-Have him whisper 3 reasons why he is proud of her in her ear
-Slowly sway back and forth embracing each other
-Almost kiss, but pause a few seconds before you do
– Stand Back to back then turn around really quick, then kiss
– Twirl her around, Twirl him around
-Run for a hug with dinosaur arms
-Skip as obnoxiously as you can towards the camera
– Piggy back ride, try to get her to fall off!
– sitting down facing each other, makeup a new handshake
– Dare you not to laugh game, try to see who can be serious the longest
– Have her sneak attack him from behind
-Tell each other your best dad jokes

I can’t wait to see what images you can create with these prompts!! Feel free to share all the images by tagging @michaelakesslerphotography in your Instagram posts.