December 7, 2018

Christmas list for a photographer

Christmas is around the corner and I wanted to do my first ever gift guide to help you add to your list!A lot of these things are things that I use everyday and would be so helpful for someone starting out or looking for their next investment.

1.Holdfast strap:

This item is one of my favorites, that I use at EVERY session. I have the two shown below. It is such an amazing product that is so much more comfortable than a strap around the neck or none at all.

MM06-WB-BL-S, MM06-WB-BL-M, MM06-WB-BL-L    Olive

Price range $180- 230

Find it at Hold Fast Gear


A game changer that gets rid of those shadows! This item bounces light and lights up a subject, it’s amazing. Do some searching about this product before you make a purchase, there are multiple shapes and sizes!

Image result for camera reflector

Price: $15

Find it on Amazon here

3.Rouge Flash Reflector

I had no idea this existed for the longest time. I would go to wedding receptions and capture images that had such harsh light, weird shadows, and it was just a mess. This flash reflector is so that the flash bounces off it and it covers a wider ground.

Image result for rouge camera reflector

Price: $39.95

Find it on Amazon here 

4. Camera bag

I had the hardest time when I started weddings having all my things in one little bag. I was trying to cram tons of equipment in a bag that only could hold one camera body and two lenses.

Image result for AmazonBasics Convertible Rolling Camera Backpack

Price: $139

Find it on Amazon here


I use these items to do styled detail shots, flat lays, and whenever they would come in handy! Every photographer needs a ribbon on hand for an in case moment to add a little something to your images!

ivorieu.jpg bgcchiffU.jpg orricheU.jpg

The price can vary but expect between $5- 20 ( size and color depending)

Find it on Froufrou Chic here


6. Lacie hard drive

Image result for lacie hard drives

This one is personally on my Christmas list! Its a protected with the orange bumper and can vary in space sizes!

Price: $140- 300

Find it on Amazon here

7. Jumpsuits

MY LIFE SAVER. Between weddings, seniors session, oh whatever it may be jumpsuits save me from any outfit oops. I also love that they are comfortable to wear while still looking professional. You don’t have to worry about a dress riding up and can squat without worries. My favorite one is from Old Navy, but you can get them multiple places!

Price: $45

Find it at Old Navy here

8.Simple Canvas Prints

Need new decor in your home or office?! This website has been literally jackpot for me. I have been able to find buy Canvases for as low as $20 ( WHICH INCLUDES SHIPPING) sometimes even lower.


Find it at Simple Canvas prints

Get an extra discount clicking this link!