October 19, 2018

At Home workshop Recap

I have been struggling to find the words if I am being completely honest? A while back I had the idea that I wanted to take on my own workshop to teach others what I know. I am definitely not any time of pro but I wanted to share with others what I knew so far. When chose the date for this event I didn’t realize how busy I was going to get with college work. Even though, It felt like I was drowning in school work, It was such a breath of fresh air hosting this workshop. I got to get back in the game doing something I love.

This workshop originally was supposed to be in my home ( that was the whole idea), but Erie was calling for rain, so I ran last minute to Radius cowork since they were the only place in Erie that I knew had a white room that would match my vision. A HUGE HUGE shout out to them for helping me out a ton making the location one less thing I had to stress out about. Also a huge shout out to all my vendors who made this whole day just pure gorgeous ( They’re listed below!).

My inspiration was an elopement natural, simple, edgy theme. I wanted all the fall reds, gold, and wooden colors to come together for this!

First let me just show you all the gorgeous images:


A huge shout out to Vista print for these awesome notebooks I gave my attendees!

Also a peak at this gorgeous platter of chicken because…. just yes yes.

First off, because we went  from the great outdoors as our original plan to a smaller location I had to improvise and turn my near dear 13 foot tee-pee into an arch! So if anyone is curious this is a DIY arch made from trees in my backyard!

I am so excited for these, but I got this gorgeous gown from Blanc de Blanc Bridal . I am so thankful for their kindness and willingness to help me out!

Wait, it gets better.

Now let’s talk about those flowers yo! Thanks to Floral Affair .

& now all the details!!

S/O to all the awesome vendors that helped me pull these pictures off!


I say this over and over again but I am truly so thankful and humbled that these ladies trusted me enough to invest in me and the workshop. It’s still so surreal, but each of them deserve all the success coming their way. So yes, I’m going to show them off a little. (little blurry pictures for the win because I think it’s stinking cute )




“To say it was an amazing experience is an understatement! It was such a fun day and set up so perfectly! Michaela, you made the most beautiful set up EVER!! I cannot stop thinking about everything you taught us and working on ways to apply it to my own business. I am so so obsessed with the images I got from the workshop. It’s going to be hard to top this when I attend future workshops! <3 Thank you for hosting such an amazing experience!”



“To be able to attend your workshop was my literal goal for the rest of the year! I kept telling Stephen (my boyfriend) that I couldn’t wait until October 6th! He’s always encouraging me to do better and to “get out there and do what you love”. He’s seen the beginner pictures I took compared to the moments I have captured recently and is so impressed. When I got home from your workshop, I told him every little detail and he wanted to see the pictures right away. I told him everything you gave us tips on and how far you’ve come!
. . .
Since the workshop, I have used the tips and tricks you shared with us and I instantly fell in love with my images! Thank you so much for everything you did for this workshop and for everything you shared with us! I can honestly say, when you have another workshop, you can 100% count me in!”



“I am OBSESSED with how these turned out from the workshop I attended last weekend! .
Michaela hosted such a great workshop and I learned a lot! I’m super excited to start investing more into my business!”




To my family + Will thank you so much for your endless help with putting this together, making errands with me , and supporting me through it all. I am so very blessed I still can’t come up with the words.


Another huge shout out to all the awesome vendors:

Planner/ host: Michaela Kessler
Cake: Paige Hannas
Dress: blanc de blanc bridal boutique 
Florals: Floral Affair 
Jewelry: A Gilded Leaf 
Stationary: Lindsay Meffert & salisoncreative 
Venue: radius cowork
Hair: Miranda Swanson McClelland
Makeup: Alexandra Brace