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I mentioned before, I LOVE that some of these ladies I’ve had the privilege to meet before. I met Sam at a workshop earlier this year hosted by Samantha Z  , but I regret that I didn’t really talk to her more! Sam is such an inspiring soul that we all need in our lives.

To me I’ve always known her as a local photographer, but little did we know she was actually born and raised for 10 years in Wisconsin. Sam has an older sister who also does photography, who convinced her to get a camera. Since then, she’s been booming. Learning alongside her sister and shooting on her own. She describes her style as:  Genuine, Moody, and Detailed…. I am just picturing her work and it’s totally these three words.

A specific answer I received from her that stood out from me is, “It’s entirely my own. Having my own business allows me to experiment, work and create in the ways I want to. The strict confines of school has always seemed so frustrating because I never wanted to write the book reports or answer what the book said I wanted to write the papers on what the definition of love is and how the book’s implications on it stands in society. In a way photography allows me to do that. It allows me to push myself and invest into my ideas. ” I completely love and feel this. Sam, girlfriend you’re just inspiring and so relate-able.


Ler’s get to it, because these are too good:


Q: How did you get started, what compelled you to start?

A: “My older sister has always been the photographer and the “artsy” one. Ever since I can remember she has been talking about light, angles, and this miraculous phenomenon called post, however, I never considered photography as a possibility for the direction of my life merely based on the perception that I didn’t fit the mould because of the start differences between my sister and I. Last Christmas my sister encouraged me to get a camera, learn photography, and second shoot for her. So I did, and I fell in love with the journey of learning what art means to me and the creativity it’s allowed me to cultivate and produce something I’m proud of. ”


Q: How has your age affected your business ( in a positive or negative way) ?

A: “I’m ashamed to admit that often I am embarrassed of telling people that I work as a photographer and often undersell myself just because of the consistent reaction I receive. I’m not old enough to do it well. I don’t have a real job like say being a burger flipper. I’m an unpractical slightly delusional optimistic teen. Even at shoots especially weddings I’m often questioned due to my age.”


Q: What is a struggle you face ?

A: “Having a sister that has been a photographer for so many years often leads to the perception that I’m just riding my sister’s coat tails, traveling in her shadow, and am nothing but a pale imitation of her and her work. It’s a belief that is always incredibly discouraging and never fully disappeared from my own mind. Trying to figure out my own style and not feel pressured into becoming my sister or feel unproductive following or same line of work is still a difficult mentality I have to overcome. ”


Q:  What is one of the biggest goals you have when it comes to your business?

A: ” I would love to create a business that allows me to do what I love and am proud of and one day to be able to do photography full time. ”


Q: Biggest lesson you’ve learned

A: “They don’t know what your supposed to be doing so don’t be afraid to do things wrong, also the more confidence you fake the more your clients genuinely trust you.”

Q: Best advice you’d give someone else going through the same things/ doing the same things?

A: “Don’t let other people’s opinion effect you, and find photographers who are successful and you love and take their online courses and learn from the educational resources they provide you.”

Q: 3 fun facts about yourself

A: “-I’m still a Wisconsin girl at heart, and my favorite food will always be cheese
-I have slight hat obsession. Beanies, dad hats, backwards flat brims, I have an obsession with them all.
-Christmas season is my absolute favorite. I love everything about it. On Black Friday, our family always bundles up and heads out to spend a few hours searching for the perfect tree at the nearest tree farm. When we get back we decorate the house and the tree finishing up the day with cinnamon chili and chocolate milkshakes. It always equates to my favorite day of the year closely followed by Christmas Eve.”
Q:Who is your biggest inspiration?
A: Ben Sasso

Q: What is a goal you have that is NON business related.

A: Although a highly optimistic goal, I would love to graduate college debt free.

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